Luna has been slacking off in the office lately. When her boss confronts her and tells her to pick up the pace she finds another way to please him..


While her boss is speaking to her she approaches him and touches him places she's not allowed. He's allowing her it and soon enough he has pulled down her pants and are licking her pussy and butthole. It was real tasty so she wanted to find out if his dick was as tasty. She sucked it before they leaped into a fuck marathon in the office, forgetting that their co-workers could enter at any minute!
































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4 minutes of massage and sex!



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Luna is feeling horny but none of her fuckbuddys are available. That's why she called up a masseur she had heard so much about. Not only does he give great massages, he also have a reputation of fucking the girls! She's heard he fucks like a champ too so this was a no-brainer.


The masseur comes over and surely enough, he gives her a great massage then starts to seduce her. Luna was pre-seduced so it doesn't take long before his massive rod is drilling her tight latina pussy.

























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First there are some nude pix before the actual scene begins. They are nice but the hardcore part is much nicer!


Luna strips off most of her clothes and lays head down on the massage bench when her masseur enters the room. He gets her back oiled up and starts to rub it then moves down to take care of her juicy booty. She tries to stop him but it feels so nice that she just let him go on with his business. The next time she tries to stop him is when he stick two fingers into her pussy! The same thing happens again, she likes it and lets him continue. Then he pulls out a massive rod and she has no problem giving him head as a payback for the nice massage. She even deepthroats that long thing! He also gets to pound her shaved twat, scroll down and check it out!


































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