This dude seems to have a magic cock. All of the girls flock around him ready to please him but they all want him for themselves. He banged them one after one but that got too tiresome so he got them all to join in for a fivesome! Somehow they managed to share his big cock and took turns getting drilled.


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Luna Star – Bangbus

Oct 13, 2013

Wow, Luna is on the world famous Bangbus! I grew up with this site, it started the whole "reality porn site" concept. Guess we owe them a thanks ;)


Another thing that is world famous is Luna's ass and we get to see plenty of it here. It looks so good in that pink g-string. She is very horny today and she actually pick up four guys and fuck and suck them all. All of them licked her pussy too, I would hate to be 2,3 or 4th in line for that!! It could be worth it if you get to tap that premium pussy though :)

























































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Luna has been in quite a few groupsex scenes in her short porn career. I guess that's what happen when you go both ways. This time she has hooked up with Aurielee Summers for a FFM threesome.


Both these girls have some magnificent asses and they put them on display by the outdoor pool. They start out in short shorts then strips down to their skimpy g-strings. They go inside where a big cock awaits them. Or should I say Luna, cause Aurielee stays in the background on this one. She gets her pussy licked by Luna which gets stabbed by dick from behind on the couch.

























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Luna has been slacking off in the office lately. When her boss confronts her and tells her to pick up the pace she finds another way to please him..


While her boss is speaking to her she approaches him and touches him places she's not allowed. He's allowing her it and soon enough he has pulled down her pants and are licking her pussy and butthole. It was real tasty so she wanted to find out if his dick was as tasty. She sucked it before they leaped into a fuck marathon in the office, forgetting that their co-workers could enter at any minute!
































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Luna like to keep herself fit, when you have a spectacular body like that you kinda owe society to keep it in shape. She wears some sexy tights which she pulls down and shows her marvelous butt. I uploaded a bunch of pics of her ass hope you enjoy them too. She goes for a bike ride this day as part of her training, but the guy gets obsessed with her big butt. He pulls her tights down and now he can't keep it together anymore so he brings her back in a hurry and slams her hard as hell! There's also a rimjob and a deepthroat blowob in there :)






















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Emily Kae and Luna Star enjoying dick at a party. 4 vids in the gallery!



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