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Emily Kae and Luna Star enjoying dick at a party. 4 vids in the gallery!



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As some of you might notice Emily Kae is also in this party getting banged. I will devote a post with her part of the scene on her blog later on, so be sure to check that out.


The party starts out with a lot of babes and a few guys getting drunk in the pool. I bet these dudes like the odds! It doesn't take long before Luna and some of the other gals starts making out and then lick each other vaginas. The boys get so horny from watching this and a couple of them get lucky as well! Both Emily Kae and Luna is eager to fuck so they start to suck on a pole each. Luna wants some privacy though so she sneaks off with her bloke and gives him head and rides him like there was no tomorrow. Some incredible ass shots here, reminds me of why I build this blog in the first place!
























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