Luna was on the phone with her husband talking naughty. She found Brick laying in her bed and she was already horny so seducing her came easy for him! She even kept up the conversation with her husband while she received cunilingus from her lover.


She hung up when she was about to suck cock, couldn't combine those two activities! After getting his knob wet he put it in her punani and penetrated her hard!


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Bill found Luna passed out on the couch in sexy lingerie so he took out his cellphone and took a bunch of hot pics of her. He should have stopped before he got the bright idea of taking out his schlong cause that's when she woke up! She was disgusted and demanded to take pics of his cock to be sure he wouldn't share the pics of her.


When having a closer look at his rod she got mighty impressed and actually put it in her mouth to his big surprise. He got a sweet blowjob then got to tap her tight punani in all kind of positions!


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Luna Star – Raw #18

May 21, 2014

Only softcore pictures here but they were very nice :) I will come back with a hardcore movie soon so stay around for that!


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Two of my favorite latina pornstars in the same blowjob scene! Check out the Jynx Maze blog for more about her.


After the girls have stripped off their sexy underwear all you will see is cocksucking from there on and out. They show some superb skills so you must watch this flick ASAP. It lasts for 4 minutes, will you do the same? ;)



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I have a little something for those of you with pantyhose fetish here, a bunch of pictures of Luna wearing the mentioned garment.


She plays a real estate agent in this scene and stops by the home of a client. He says he can't make any decisions without his wife so Luna has to persuade him into this. It's not her first time around the block so she grabs his crotch and feels his large penis. He is shocked but he doesn't stop her.


She pulls his schlong out and gives him a sweet blowjob in the kitchen before he rips her pantyhose apart and licks her punani and butthole. He slams her from behind before she rides his wiener all around the house! They seemed to forget that his wife could walk in on them any second..











































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Some softcore pics from this episode to get you warmed up ;)


Luna is wearing matching green top and skirt. Both are tight and reveal her awesome shapes. She gets her ass out and what do you know – her thong  matches her outfit. She then gets her boobs out before she decides to get fully naked. She does a few hot poses before she rubs her pussy and fingers her butthole. So maybe this wasn't so softcore afterall..!



























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