This guy is crazy about Luna (so are we right?). He uses a lot of his spare time to follow her around. This day he really hit the jackpot though. She started her day in the gym (he got a membership just to stalk her!) and she was working out in a tight top, a short skirt with nothing but a thong beneath! Hell if this happened at my local gym I would become a stalker myself. So he grabs a lot of nice photos of her while working out, and follows her out to the car. She drops her keys and when she bends over oh my god what an ass!


So he follows her in his car now, back to her apartment. He manage to sneak in (told you he was crazy!) and continues his photographing. In the bedroom she met up with her boyfriend and they had some wild sex, while this guy was jerking off in the hallway taking pics!


Synopsis: I perved on Luna all day, following her until she got home. I managed to get inside and it was totally worth it! Watch her as she gets banged by boyfriend.

























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